Into the Unknown

14 10 2012

Series Overview

We all only get one trip through life.  The question that many of us face is how do we make sure that we choose the best path through life when we have never done it before?  How do we navigate the unknown?  Every student is on a path, and we want them to choose the right one.  However, the truth about all paths is that your intended destination does not decide where you will go.  Instead, the direction you choose now will determine where you go.  Many students, and adults too, go through life without an understanding of this principle.  Direction, not intention, determines your destination.  Our students are choosing their paths right now, and we want them to choose the right one.  We want them to know that not only have to be intentional about the path that they choose, but they also need to seek good advice as they choose their path.  We want all of our students to be prepared as they go off “into the unknown.”

Week 1 (October 14, 2012)

This week, we are talking about the importance of wisdom.  Students do not think about wisdom very often, but they are putting some form of wisdom into practice every day.  Students are making decisions now that will impact their future, but they often fail to realize the importance of choosing the right path now.  Proverbs is all about wisdom, and it clearly shows that the wise path is reached through wise decisions.  While we would like for our destination to dictate our journey, that is not the case.  Our path is dictated by the decisions that we make, and the direction that we choose to go.  A careful plan can be spoiled if you don’t set out in the right direction from the start.  We want our students to have the best path through life, but in order for that to happen they need to start making wise decisions now.  We want our students to know that their path now will determine their destination later.

Talk to your student about the importance of making wise decisions. Ask your student if they know of a time in their life where a decision in the past helped to determine their future.

Week 2 (October 28, 2012)

Seek good advice. It is a very simple statement that can have a profound impact.  We know that our students are making decision every day. Decisions that will determine the direction and quality of their life now and into the future.  Our students are not making these decisions alone.  They are influenced by a wide range of people.  We want our students to seek out good advice, and we want them to know where they can go to receive wise counsel.  Life is hard, but it is much easier when you have people in your corner who have more life experience.  We want each of our students to look for a mentor.  A person they know they can go to get healthy advice.  Decisions in life are hard, but they are made easier when we seek good advice.

Talk to your student about who you go to when you need advice. Ask your student who they can go to when they need advice.