Forward Motion: Parents Only

1 12 2011

Parents, here is a short story about how we can prepare our students for success, and how we can challenge them to grow.


When I was in high school, I remember my dad used to give me lots of space. He wanted me to be independent and take responsibility for my own decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I still had rules and I still got in trouble when I broke them. But overall, I was given freedom to explore and learn.


The catch was that sometimes I still needed his help. This was never more obvious than when I turned sixteen and started driving a car. I could practice driving all day long, but without his instruction I would have never learned how to check the oil or recognize a problem under the hood. When I got my first car, a little grey Chevy Nova with over 150,000 miles on it, my dad explained to me that he wanted me to know how to take care of a car. He told me that it was important for me to know about the car I drove so that I could handle any situation that came up. Driving was a big responsibility, and he wanted to make sure that I was prepared.


He took me out to the garage a number of times to show me different things. We had a lot of fun learning together and I was grateful that he took the time to teach me. Only six months after I got my license, my car blew a tire in the middle of a ten lane, divided highway. Fortunately, because of my dad’s instruction, I was able to handle the situation. When I came home and told him what had happened, he was relieved and proud of me. I was proud too.




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